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・Show GoogleMap (map/satellite photo) and kml file data.・GPS track log and see
・ Mark the position of the screen you want to mark a temporary * Name record you want to record a point
・ The position information read and display from kml files
・ Track position and point of saving kml format
・ load and display the location and point form kml files

Track Point Number: Displays the number of recording tracks in the position. The default is limited to 500.
Accuracy: Displays the current GPS measurement accuracy of meters.

○ Blue: current position
□ Red: the start of the measurement
Blue lines: Track
Green pin: the marked position
Blue Flag and character: point location, name, time

kml Clear: loading map (kml file) Clears the display.
kml Read: load kml file from "/sdcard/kagoturi/GpsTrackLogMap" and display.
Mark: the green pin, mark the current position.
My Location: the center of the screen to move the current position.
Point Check: point and recorded the name as the current position Display a blue flag.
Track Save: Track saved to a file being recorded.
Track Clear: to clear the Track Logging.
Setting: Perform the following settings.
Track Line Width: the width of lines to display log (1 point, 3 points, 5 points)
kml Line Width: kml file for compensation for the line thickness (x0.5, x1, x2)
Font Size: The size of the font used to display (12 points, 14 points, 16 points)
Max Point Number: The maximum number of records that track position(500,1000,2000)
Compass ON / OFF: Switch compass display, hidden
Satellite Mode ON / OFF: Switch between map views and satellite photographs
Accuracy circle ON/OFF: SwitchAccuracy circle, hidden
Gps Sleep ON / OFF: Switch enable GPS operations in the background / Disable
Edit File Name ON / OFF: Enable or disable editing of the file name.
Edit point Text: Edit the text to be used for point (Point A ~Point H)
When you start, SD cards are the following folders: Will be generated automatically. /sdcard/kagoturi/GpsTrackLogMap
Please if you use a GPS enabled.

android 1.6 or higher
Verified soft bank: 003SH android 2.2 au:IS01 android 1.6